Balling Healthy

Tips and Tricks To Stay Healthy While Balling Hard

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Meet Dr. Anita PhD, I-MD, P.A. BOIM, ABAARM

Dr. Anita is on a mission to help people grow and live healthier lives. She believes if we start taking care of our bodies with natural products from a young age we will not only live longer, but will be able to remain independent even at a very old age. Aging doesn't have to be painful, but it's what we do to our bodies while we are young and active makes a difference in our elder years.  She is very committed to women's health especially young athlete's and this is why she focuses on teaching and coaching  young adults on how to stay healthy.
After launching her successful Integrative Medicine private practice in New Jersey, she has been asked to lend her expertise on stress management, Nutrition, Sleeping disorders, chronic diseases at several seminars and currently serves as clinical advisor to a few wellness startup businesses. Her passion for Functional medicine and healing Holistically has her in demand for various speaking opportunities in which she teaches women how to live  healthier with vitamins, water, and mineral protocols for various conditions. She currently developed her own vitamin line called I O'Jus, which already shown proven results.
Dr. Anita earned her PhD -Integrative Medicine Doctorate  from International Quantum University, She maintains membership with the Board of Ortho Molecular and Integrative Medicine and the American Academy of Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine.
She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences from Long Island University, she also received a PA certification and went on to earn a medical degree from UHSA medical school, specializing in Gynecology and Women's Health.  She was a professor at Wagner College PA program where she lectured on preventive medicine for five years.
Dr. Anita's message to everyone seeking  this journey to wellness is:
"understand that health and wellness is very personal, It is a unity of Mind Body and Soul.  Commit to this process with a readiness  and the Universe will conspire to make all things right for you."

Dr. Anita's Health Tips

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Questions for Dr. Anita asked by Players like you

Q: I have been on my period for 7 days, is this normal?

A: Answer

It is perfectly normal to have menstruation for 7 days usually 1-4 heavy days and 3 light days.  It's is important to check with your doctor to make sure that you are not losing too much blood during your...

Q: My pad is causing a rash, what can I do?

A: Answer

It is important to make sure you are changing your pads frequently especially if you are having heavy menstrual flow, Moisture on the skin can cause a rash.

Q: I excessively sweat under my arms to the point it appears on my shirt. Is this because I am an athlete?

A: Answer

No it is not because you are an athlete. Excessive sweating under the arm, otherwise known as axillary hyperhidrosis  is a very common condition affecting many people.

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