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iLove Girls Basketball is your online platform dedicated to promoting and marketing all things Girls Basketball. Our main goal is to provide one platform that can serve as the recruitment center for college coaches and a platform for girl basketball players to connect with all division coaches and scouts.  We are the number #1 website that creates visibility to coaches and delivers continuous tools that allow players to develop on court skills.


Meet the CEO

Char Newell, MSILR, sHRBP

Char spent most of her career working in the healthcare industry, with her last position held as Vice President of HR for a National Behavioral Health Company. She originally started iLove Girls Basketball as a mission to help her daughter succeed in this sport and quickly realized there was a community of girls who needed her help. Char now has her sights set on helping all the young passionate girls, who have gone unrecognized and whose talents are not seen. Her hopes is to eventually change the sports industry where men and women are equally recognized and paid to play a game that is loved by so many.

"When you feel like giving up, remember being great doesn't happen overnight. If there is a little ounce of passion left, use that to push through all the pain."

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